Stylistically,  the Boston Victorian Project was as much about matching history as it was adding style to the lot.  Careful consideration was paid to scale and structure; detail choices (in the form of eyebrow dormers that complimented the existing house) combined with colorful exterior materials provide a sense of old style that ties the 12,000 SF lot together.

This "Neighborhood Gem", built around 1880, was owned by the previous family for 78 years!!  The exterior still bears original details and the expectation was to design a detached three car garage that was in scale with this architectural style while evoking a sense of history. 

Although this will be a newly constructed structure, the goal was to root it in the site, keep it in scale with its surroundings, and have it look and feel as though it has stood there for as long as the main house. A particular goal was to break up the massing of the generous 820 SF structure which was successful by recessing one of the three garage bays.  


Accessory Structure: 820 SF

Three Car Garage

Compliment main house: Historic Queen Anne Victorian in Boston MA


Boston Redevelopment Authority

First approval from the zoning department of the ISD (Inspectional Services Department of Boston) was necessary. Then approval from the BRA was required to proceed with the design and construction project.   The design was well received.


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