Franklin Companion

A Collection of Connecting Parts

The Franklin Companion Project was about connecting to the original Colonial Style house while remaining appropriately modest in size and height.  The thoughtful creation of a Breezeway was the ideal way to connect the parts while visually remaining unobtrusive beside the sprawling home.   Views through the breezeway create transparency and the lower roof compliments the scale of the open porch roof. The historic model for a breezeway comes from medieval English churchyards that had covered walkways between buildings.  Here the breezeway is enclosed and provides access from the garage to both the basement and first floor of the main house.  The homeowner desired privacy within the new addition therefore a hipped dormer, mimicking the original dormer, provides natural light and acts to tie the whole composition together. 

Non-Conforming Lot

Per the dimensional requirements of the Franklin By-Laws we needed to request relief to construct a 750 SF attached structure. Since the design does not further increase the non-conforming status we were granted approval by the Building Commissioner.


Two Car Garage with lift



Currently Under Construction

"Keri designed our two-car garage, which is to be attached to an addition we did years ago. I had some specific requirements, and we had a bit of a design challenge to keep a window in the house where the garage is going to attached. Keri did a great job of meeting all of my requirements, keeping the window, and coming up with an overall design that looks great and will function well. She’s been a pleasure to work with, has great ideas, and has been appropriately flexible to work through design compromises with us (e.g. function vs. aesthetics). We’re looking forward to starting construction soon and working with Keri through to completion." -J.C.