Newton Retreat

The Newton Master Retreat is a dynamic retreat that marries the owner's eclectic taste with a desire for comfort and convenience. Working within the strict building code required by the town of Newton, floor area ratio weighed heavily in the design yet we were able to accommodate a 165 sq. ft. bathroom and master closet that augmented the owner's sizeable master bedroom. Modern finishes, custom millwork, and lighting were combined to round out the space with touches of warmth and accommodation.




165 SF

Master Bathroom

Master Closet




BGH Construction out of Canton MA

"A master bathroom renovation was designed using meetings, phone calls and emails. Keri's ideas and ours were combined during a pre-arranged time schedule. The construction plans delivered were entirely suitable for submission to the local building department. We experienced an entirely satisfactory and pleasant professional and friendly association and can certainly recommend her services"— Ernst A.