Orleans Cape House

The Orleans Cape house was an exploration of the temporal. The house is an authentic cape cod style home and the owners wanted to maintain the character of the original home, which had been augmented over time. Partly, the challenge was to add contemporary program to an amalgamated building of by-gone eras - but mainly, the essence of the project was harmonizing disparate forms to become the touchstone for family gatherings to span generations.

The existing addition was rebuilt to include an updated kitchen, dining, and family room to improve livability and reflect a more casual beach lifestyle. The footprint was arranged such that no part of the addition is larger than the original house, so the antique part of the home remains the central focal point thus creating a balance to the house that looked natural and historically correct.

All of the elements that made this Cape Cod vernacular style home wonderful were maintained and enhanced including the weathered cedar shingles, cottage-style windows & shutters, window boxes, and white trim details. 



The 860 SQFT addition includes:

Large Kitchen

Breakfast/Dining Area

Family Room


Laundry and Toilet


John Goff of Goff Brothers out of Orleans MA


Historic District

Skaket Beach is located within the Old Kings Highway Historic District, therefore, the design had to go through an architectural review that met specific aesthetic and volumetric requirements. The challenge was to preserve the original Cape Cod Style while updating the spaces to function for modern living. The addition was sympathetically designed with appropriately scaled elements and materials to match the existing house and further reinforce the aesthetic qualities of the neighborhood and historic district.

The story behind the Orleans Cape

The existing addition was not organize to accommodate the programmatic interests of the 21st century family.  With two young children and the desire to escape the bustle of city living the homeowners wanted a summer cottage that was as relaxing to the body as it was to the eye.   The existing exterior massing of the addition failed to match the style of the historic home and the flow of the interior spaces was disorganized.  The goal was to renovate and re-invent the addition to create a summer cottage reminiscent of picturesque New England. Simple, purposeful, and beautifully proportioned. To accomplish this, renovation to the original antique home and the new addition was required. The antique home remained, yet was enhanced by the new addition to the right side. The addition created implied symmetry by following the same orientation and massing as the existing left addition; and organized the program to flow seamlessly into each other; centralizing the indoor living activities and connecting the family.