Sharon Bungalow

This charming house was built around 1900 and is classified as a Bungalow Style Home. The bungalow style is commitment to efficiency and flow and this addition is a wonderful extension of those elements. 

Bungalows are usually 1 – 1 1/2 stories, have low-pitched roofs with broad eaves, with an entry that typically opens directly into living room.  The large front porch creates an outdoor room and the open floor plan is maximized for efficiency and flow from room to room with minimal space wasted on hallways.

The main objective was to introduce an addition that was seamless. Careful consideration was paid to scale and matching the existing roof pitch. The lot and placement of the existing septic system made this addition project a difficult challenge to get right. Further the inadequate setbacks required Special Permitting from the Sharon Zoning Board.   



Addition to include: Family Room and Master Suite


Ben Mele

This project is currently under construction