Sharon Colonial

This addition remodel project is all about bringing back charm.  The original home resembles a Colonial by way of shape (rectangular) and layout (two rooms deep on both floors) however all of the classic Colonial elements are missing. For instance, casement windows are uncharacteristic of a Colonial Style Home, especially with a lack of window grilles. 

The client is looking to completely update the home to resemble their contemporary yet timeless style.  Portions of the existing home will get demolished and the new addition will incorporate a family room, additional bedrooms, and a three car garage.

The main objective is to introduce traditional Colonial elements to the exterior and elevate the style, aesthetics, and quality of the home.  Careful consideration is paid to scale and materials; new double hung windows with traditional 6 over 6 and 8 over 8 grilles will define the exterior.  The first floor windows will be capped with classic crown cornices while the smaller second floor windows will sit just below the frieze.   Wide frieze and corner boards will anchor the clapboards and a new portico will compliment the symmetry.  Well-proportioned gable dormers with a pediment roof add character to the overall composition of the home and provide light to the new second floor bedrooms.  A screened-in-porch will sit upon the third garage bay and visually reduce the overall length of the rear elevation. 



Full renovation of existing home

Addition to include: Family Room, Bedrooms, 3 Car Garage

Update kitchen and bathrooms

Refinish basement


BGH Construction out of Canton MA


This project is currently under construction