Winchester Kitchen Conversion

From Mini to Maxi

The Winchester Kitchen Conversion Project is all about transforming a narrow, inhospitable space, into a generous-size kitchen for a traditional Colonial Style House.

The layout of most older homes fails to accommodate the needs of contemporary living, and this house in Winchester MA was no exception.  This Colonial home had a separate kitchen and dining area, leaving the kitchen with limited functionality.  The kitchen also had many openings, therefore, leaving limited wall area for appliances, counters, and storage.  The refrigerator was located in a separate area away from the kitchen which is less than ideal. 

Making alterations to the existing kitchen partitions opened up the space and provide visual and physical connection throughout the home.  A new entryway redefines the circulation and provides a much-improved layout option.  A structural beam carries the second-floor load and allows for a maximum open area on the first floor. 

Improvements were also made to the existing entryway.  To provide a better kitchen layout, entry to the space was relocated, and a functional Mudroom was created.  The entry is now properly defined with large stairs and a pediment roof. 

The house's overall dimensions did not change to accommodate the alterations.  Improved quality of space, rather than more square footage, preserved the authentic charm of the home while meeting all the Homeowners needs.



The materials and fixtures will be a colorful palette packed with a ton of timeless style.


Enlarged Kitchen for contemporary living

New Side Entry

New First Floor Powder Room


Peter Cook : Standish Styles Construction